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Monday, April 21, 2014

Jim MacAuley

Already old news, but great news nonetheless.
Saw Jim MacAuley, mentor and teacher of mine and of all the great animators that came out of Sheridan - Mike Surrey, Nik Ranieri, Brian Ferguson, Duncan Marjoribanks, Chuck Gammage, Charlie Bonafacio, Andy Knight, Alvero Gaivoto, Bill Speers, Dean duBlois, Michel Gagne, Glen McQueen and so, so many others.
Any of the tradition of great draughtsmanship that Sheridan is known for ( that's another blog post), the force majeur that Canadian animators became in the commercial industry in the 80s and 90s is directly traceable to this man, with his snow white beard, and his dulcet Glaswegian tones. ( Everyone who studied under him does an imitation.)
Truly a wonderful man who gave freely of his time and talent to those around him.
Jim is near Montreal now, having moved from Perth to be closer to his family, and therefore close enough for an easy visit!
Of course, models and sketches of ships abound:
here's a few pics:

as he is looking now, not too shabby!
Model of the Duchess of Fife, loch steamer
 model in progress on the worktable
 model done for NFB film of Henry Hudson ,  the ship Half Moon
 pages from jim's present sketchbook - - he's still got it!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

End of March

Getting a post up for the few of you who are dropping by, despite there being nothing to look at!

Life continues in Montreal... weather warming up finally... some sketches and few shots of the neighbourhood. still hard to sketch outside, but going to try this week.

                                                            Trois Brasseurs
                                                                   Dieu de Ciel
                                                                   in the kitchen

Monday, March 3, 2014

Well, once again I let the blog coming to a roaring halt...the time in Montreal has been fruitful, but between the new surroundings, getting used to new routine ( hey, rhymes with poutine), people and some wi fi issues, not to keeping up  the blog.
Here's the deal -- I 've just spent all of January and February at Studio Mikros/Monreal, as part of the production design team for The Little Prince, in production now.
Director  Mark Osborn,  previously of Kung Fu Panda, pretty neat guy.
International crew, from France, Canada, even a few Americans, from Toronto, Paris, Vancouver, Texas,
Obviously can't show any images of work from the show, but it will be slightly different and hopefully of interest to audiences. Will see what I can do to make this visually interesting.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Blogging from la Belle Province

Have decamped to montreal for January-February. Working on Little Prince, feature production for Mikros Image. And it's c-c--cold up here.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013

Continuity example


An example brought to class by a student, after discussion about screen direction, cutting, etc.
From " He's Just Not That Into You".

The sequence starts OK, with character B's head visible in the first shot at right, but when the sequence becomes a series of one shots, and the characters are both looking off screen right, it begins to feel as though character B is sitting to the left of A,, and A is looking off into an empty space. Interesting, an example of how real space can be messed up by screen space.
I haven't seen the whole movie, but it seems odd that this got past the editing stage.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Some how to : Motion Tests using Photoshop instead of AfterEffects Which I Find Too Damn Difficult

Well, not too damn difficult, but photoshop can yield a pretty decent 2d scene planning test. Although i don't see how to get ease in and out.

Done with a student's work from my online course ( thanks!)

This is some draw over to help plus the poses of the action.

The finished test: a litlle rough, but a good first pass.

here is a grab of the Timeline window with the layers, timeline, etc. BG layer has been converted to a smart object so it can be transformed as well as moved.